To The Friends Who've Stayed


    Dealing with mental illness is no easy feat. Not for the person who it afflicts nor for the people who love and care for said person. It is stressful, isolating, confusing, intense. The depths of one's depression can become impenetrable. Their Anxiety; uncomfortable and labyrinthine. But it is not yours to deal with. As someone who struggles with Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks, the only thing I can ask of the people who care for me is simply this: Be there. Be there to the point where you feel like you're being annoying, because no matter how many times I tell you I'm fine, or try to smile through it and tell you that I'm gonna be okay, I also don't want to be alone. 

    Not that I don't want to be alone, but because I CAN'T be alone. I can't be alone because that's when the chatter starts whispering. And the longer I'm alone, the louder those whispers become, until I'm enveloped by a looming shadow roaring an onslaught of all my insecurities at me. And trust me, It knows them well. 

Be there. Stay there. 

    Stop by with a small pizza. If I'm in the midst of it's clutches, my appetite is probably nonexistent, so really, the pizza is for you because I don't want you to be uncomfortable around me and I want you to eat. So even though you're coming to take care of me, I'm still trying to take care of you. And if I DO attempt to eat, don't be surprised by how little I eat before I say I'm full. Don't comment about how skinny I've gotten. If I've lost a considerable amount of weight lately, it's either because I'm currently in Its clutches, or am emerging from it. 

But to the friends who've stayed. Who've sent me private messages asking if I'm okay, or insisting that we hang out. I probably won't answer you or I most likely really don't feel like being out, but I go because I'm trying. I know that if I don't forge these connections, they'll sever. They won't be there the next time I need them. So if you could just bear with me and let me ramble about my cat, or whether we sit in silence, I appreciate it. I appreciate YOU. Don't think that I don't. 

Staying there, even when you feel like you might be annoying let's me know that you're going to be there when I get better, and can socialize with you more. Where I don't mind going out in a group or doing something more involved. When we'll be able to eat a large pizza together instead. 

Being a friend to a person with mental illness is probably one of the hardest, consuming things that you may ever do, but I promise it's also probably one of the most rewarding things you can be. 

To the friends who've stayed, thank you. 

Amanda ❤

Summer Sweat Group Challenge Update: Week 1


So if you didn't know. I've gotten back onto the fitness horse, which is a good thing, I suppose. Back in 2014, I used to be a Beachbody "coach". I put it in parenthesis because I really only did it for the discounts. For the last year or so there have been two different programs that have piqued my interest. Cize and 21 Day Fix. For the last month or so, I had been contemplating doing the whole Beachbody thing again so I bit the bullet and decide, "Why not?"  This time, I actually do want to do it because I want to help people though. 

Right now I'm in my transformation stage. I'm working on myself first so that I can be a product of the product and so that people can see a physical example of change. I decided to try Cize first since it's a dance-type program, which I love! You may or may not know, but I used to dance way back when in middle and high school. Dancing has always been my thing. I love to do it and kind of wish I still did it. Any who, I digress...

My coach and his wife had a challenge group coming up and I got my package right in time to start it so I wanted to do a small update about how this first week went. One of my biggest challenges is getting used to drinking Shakeology every day. I get full easily a lot of the time, and so a single shake will keep me full for about a half a day. 

I've also been doing pretty good by choosing healthy foods again. There's been turkey tacos, salads, and steak quesadillas. That's also actually something else that I'm trying to work on. Cooking for myself. Usually CHPG cooks for me, but beings that he's in Virginia until the end of August, I've got to cook for myself. 

I took one day off because apparently I had a sprained toe and whenever I would put pressure on it, it would hurt like hell. I put some ice on it and taped it up for a day, and I was good to go! 

I honestly love this challenge group. Everyone is posting their meals and recipes and being SUPER supportive and encouraging! I love it! I think it's exactly what I needed to start off this second round with Beachbody. 

Amanda ❤

Vanilla Shakeology Recipe: Orange Peach

Drinking protein shakes are hard for me especially because I'm just not used to drinking them, but since starting my Beachbody challenge yesterday, I've made it a goal to get used to having them every day. It's going to be difficult, honestly. 

But I've been thinking about recipes and how I can make them interesting for me. I knew I was going to try a bunch of different recipes so I went ahead and got the 30-day bag of Vanilla Shakeology because I figured it would be the most versatile of all the flavors.

Peach Orange Shake Recipe 570

Peach Mango Shakeology Recipe

-8oz Orange Juice, Not from concentrate

-1/4 cup of peach yogurt


-1/2 cup of canned peaches, drained

-1 scoop vanilla Shakeology

Blend orange juice, vanilla shakeology, and yogurt until smooth and consistent, add ice and peach slices to blender and blend. 

Amanda ❤

The Inn at Mazatlan | Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Good Morning Babes! 

Well we pretty much know that I came back from a MUCH needed vacation, not too long away. I went back to Mazatlan, as I love to do but this time ended up staying at a different hotel than I normally do. I usually stay at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan whereas this time I stayed at El Inn, as taxi's and pulmonia drivers call it. 

I stayed for six days and had a junior suite which consisted of a bedroom with two full-sized beds, two bathrooms and a kitchenette. 



The Inn sits between both Isla de Vendos on the left and Isla Pajaros on the right. 


InnAtMaz-Room-ViewThis was the view from my balcony. 


InnAtMaz-Big-PoolEven though it's the bigger pool, most of the kids would swim in this one. Also, a huge lizard lives on one of those island in the middle of the pool. I was sun bathing one afternoon, looked over and saw it just sitting on the edge. Needless to say I was reluctant to get back into that pool for the rest of the day. 


InnAtMaz-DeckYou had to claim your chair early morning or else by the time you actually wanted to come out and relax, there would be none available. 

Compared to the Hotel Playa, The Inn was much more relaxed. I took my trip right before typical summer vacation season started so it was nice and quiet. I did feel a little weird considering that there really weren't people my age. There were a lot of older people, beginning in their 40's and up and also kids between seven and 14. So for the most part, I just stayed to myself.  

InnAtMaz-PoolsideSitting poolside. 


InnAtMaz-View-of-CityThis is the view from the room entry side. This isn't all of Mazatlan but there's a sweeping landscape view of the entire city. 


InnAtMaz-Poolside-PapagayoThe hotel restaurant, El Papagayo was actually pretty delicious, but I only ate there once because the plates were huge. I ended up going to Walmart to buy some food for the week and just cooked for myself. 

InnAtMaz-SunsetThe sunsets off of the coast are AMAZING! 




The Inn at night. 

So in all, if I could take the room from The Inn, and mix it with a little of the liveliness of Hotel Playa (and the seven or eight pools, and three different restaurants) it would be my perfect stay. I'm pretty sure I might stay here again when I go back. 

Amanda ❤