The Inn at Mazatlan | Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Good Morning Babes! 

Well we pretty much know that I came back from a MUCH needed vacation, not too long away. I went back to Mazatlan, as I love to do but this time ended up staying at a different hotel than I normally do. I usually stay at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan whereas this time I stayed at El Inn, as taxi's and pulmonia drivers call it. 

I stayed for six days and had a junior suite which consisted of a bedroom with two full-sized beds, two bathrooms and a kitchenette. 



The Inn sits between both Isla de Vendos on the left and Isla Pajaros on the right. 


InnAtMaz-Room-ViewThis was the view from my balcony. 


InnAtMaz-Big-PoolEven though it's the bigger pool, most of the kids would swim in this one. Also, a huge lizard lives on one of those island in the middle of the pool. I was sun bathing one afternoon, looked over and saw it just sitting on the edge. Needless to say I was reluctant to get back into that pool for the rest of the day. 


InnAtMaz-DeckYou had to claim your chair early morning or else by the time you actually wanted to come out and relax, there would be none available. 

Compared to the Hotel Playa, The Inn was much more relaxed. I took my trip right before typical summer vacation season started so it was nice and quiet. I did feel a little weird considering that there really weren't people my age. There were a lot of older people, beginning in their 40's and up and also kids between seven and 14. So for the most part, I just stayed to myself.  

InnAtMaz-PoolsideSitting poolside. 


InnAtMaz-View-of-CityThis is the view from the room entry side. This isn't all of Mazatlan but there's a sweeping landscape view of the entire city. 


InnAtMaz-Poolside-PapagayoThe hotel restaurant, El Papagayo was actually pretty delicious, but I only ate there once because the plates were huge. I ended up going to Walmart to buy some food for the week and just cooked for myself. 

InnAtMaz-SunsetThe sunsets off of the coast are AMAZING! 




The Inn at night. 

So in all, if I could take the room from The Inn, and mix it with a little of the liveliness of Hotel Playa (and the seven or eight pools, and three different restaurants) it would be my perfect stay. I'm pretty sure I might stay here again when I go back. 

Amanda ❤

New Things: June 2016

New Things is a series that's self-explanatory. Since I firmly believe in consciously trying to live outside my comfort zone, I try to do a few new-to-me things each month. They may be something big, or they may be small. Either way, I do it in an effort to inspire those with Anxiety to do the same. If you put new things (experiences) in your box, your box will grow. 

June-2016-New-Things1. Traveled By Myself

I've been to Mexico plenty of times, but whenever I would go, it would be with others. I would meet family or go with a friend. This time, that didn't happen and I was there all on my own. As scary as that would seem to some people, especially those with Anxiety, it was actually one of the most relaxing vacations I've ever had. I'll be writing a post about this sometime later this month. 

2. The Museum of Broken Relationships

I convinced CHPG to ditch his summer classes for a day, so we went to Hollywood to play at Dave & Busters. On the way there, we saw this. Curious as I always am, and as obliging as he always is, we went. Truth be told, it was really sad. The relics of past relationships that at one point were so full of happiness. Seemingly innocuous, everyday items that, until you know the story behind, you wouldn't think twice about. I think we read through about half of the stories there when he said that he couldn't read anymore. Info: Museum of Broken Relationships

3. Adult Coloring Books

As much as I didn't want to end up on this bandwagon, I somehow did. *SHAKES FIST* I REALLY didn't want to like them, but I was at Ross one day looking for a dress to take on my vacation and I walked past them. Since you already know I'm fairly curious, I decided to flip through one and I LIKED IT! I already had some colored pencils back at the house from past projects. Anyway, I'm on that train. I got Coloring for Tranquility (affiliate link) which is more patterns than singular images. I've only finished one spread, but it does calm me down. I like to work on it at night when I get off of work. 

What are some of the new-to-you things that you've done lately? Go ahead and drop a comment! You might give me more ideas! 

Amanda ❤

Beach Babes Guide Instagram Challenge

Hey Babes!

I know its been a while but I thought I would come back with something a little fun for the summer.  

Every summer I come up with a Summer. Do. List. All the things that I want to do over the summer. Some of them are small like, go out for sushi. Some are bigger, like go scuba diving. Well, I thought it would be fun to issue some sort of Summer instagram challenge.

 I thought a little bit about each of these and came to a conclusion. Most Instagram photo challenges are about capturing small moments. All of the items for this challenge have to be intentional, or pure luck to be in the same place.

You have to go out of your way to make these things happen, but most of all, they're helping you create memories this summer. The purpose of this challenge is NOT to capture the small moments. The purpose of this challenge is to get you out while you're having fun and creating memories.   

Most of these activities have to be planned. 

Having tacos at a new Mexican restaurant that has live mariachi's? Buck up the courage to ask for a sombrero to take a picture with. 

If you're one of my babes with anxiety, some of these are meant for you to get out of your head. 

25 year old on a coin operated machine outside a grocery store? Are people judging you? Maybe, but are you having fun? THAT'S what matters most.

The Deets:

  • The challenge lasts the WHOLE summer. 
  • If you decide to participate, please use the hash tag #BBGSummerFun
  • I want to see your photos and will be tagging mine the same way. 

The Challenges:

  • On a spiral slide
  • Wearing a sombrero
  • Jumping in the air
  • Wearing Mickey Mouse ears
  • In a fun house mirror
  • Playing mini golf
  • In a blow up kiddie pool
  • In a ball pit
  • Roasting marshmallows around a bonfire
  • Doing a handstand
  • Flying kites
  • In a Jacuzzi
  • On an amusement park ride
  • Smiley face bacon and eggs breakfast
  • With an Elvis impersonator
  • Sharing a milkshake
  • At the batting cages
  • At an ice cream truck
  • Underwater
  • On a coin operated ride
  • Bday at a restaurant with employees singing
  • Wrapped in a flag
  • Running through sprinklers
  • At a giant slot machine
  • Wearing novelty sunglasses
  • Hitting a piñata
  • Drinking coke from a glass bottle with a straw 

There you have it. Challenge issued. Will you participate?

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Love ya!


Amanda ❤