31 Days of Instagram: Beachbody Edition

I know as a coach that sometimes I get stuck in a rut posting the same kind of images about Beachbody on Instagram, so I whipped up this quick 31 day guide to help give others an idea of what else to post. Personally, I know that it never occurs to me to post an image of my workout outfit or my grocery haul. So if it didn't occur to me, I figured, it might not occur to other people.  


Amanda ❤

No Fuss Smoothies

As a Beachbody coach, part of my job is to make sure that I'm getting my daily dose of dense nutrition by drinking Shakeology. 

Except, I had a problem. 

I hated washing the blender after every smoothie that I made. I would inevitably knick or poke myself on some part of the blade. 

It was annoying to say the least, until one day it occurred to me, as I was pouring my smoothie into my mason jar, "I wonder if the blender blade would fit onto my mason jar?" I took my blender apart and lo and behold it worked! So here's how I've made my smoothies ever since. Let me know if you try it, and how you like it! 


Amanda ❤

Why I'm Recommitting to Beachbody

I've been away from Beachbody for a while now but lately I've decided that maybe this is something that I can get back into and do, so I've come back. It's always been something that I find myself coming back to time and again, especially Tony Horton. But every now and again I'll do a Shawn T program. Obviously I love their products. Whether it's the programs, shakeology, or their portion control boxes. When I first started out, it was never really about losing weight. It was more about being stronger and fit, and that's what I want to make it again. I haven't had a solid workout routine since I finished swimming last year and so I was looking for something that I could incorporate back into my life. Cue working out in the convenience of my house, in clothes that made me feel comfortable and not having to wear shoes. (I don't like to wear shoes for most of my workouts.) 

Before, I was content with being the discount coach. But now that I have loftier dreams of changing the world. That also includes helping people. What can I say? I guess that's part of being an INFJ. So on top of seeing posts about regular beach type style, be prepared to see posts about health and fitness as well. It is a lifestyle blog after all. This is all encompassing. 

If you watched the video, thanks for taking the time to do that, I appreciate it! 

Amanda ❤

10 Beach Bags Under $35

Summer's finally here and even though I try to get out to the beach as much as possible, I still haven't fully gotten out there. While I do have my beach bag packed and ready in my trunk for an impromptu stop, I know there are still quite a few people who haven't been able to make it. Now I don't blame you, life happens and sometimes we get a late start to things. So if you haven't gotten your 2017 summer beach bag ready yet, I'm here to show you some cute and affordable options. 

10-Beach-totes-under-35-dollarsLet's start clockwise from the top left.

  1. Dry Pak Roll Top Dry Bag ($14.99, swimoutlet.com) I'm putting this bag up here because I know there are a few people who are paranoid about leaving their belongings out on the beach while they're in the water. (I know, I'm one of them!) So what's the next best thing? Bringing your belongings with you. Throw your phone, camera, keys, and wallet in your dry bag, throw it over your shoulders and then frolic in the waves a bit. Or don't frolic, it's up to you, but you know what I mean! 
  2. SunnyLife Havana Cooler Tote ($30, swimoutlet.com) This tote bag is a cooler to help keep your drinks and snacks nice and fresh while out on a hot day at the beach. 
  3. Essentials Tote ($34.95, Billabong.com) A clean, simple, classic beach tote with rope handles. What more do you need, amirite?! 
  4. Large Straw Tote ($34.99, target.com) Since straw and pompoms seem to have been all the rage earlier this year and now into summer, I thought I'd add one in. This one's big enough to toss in a towel, one of your summer reads, some sunblock, sunglasses and a hat, and you're ready to roll out.
  5. Frakta ($0.99, ikea.com)  If you're one of those people who like to pack everything and the kitchen sink (same. TBH), this just might be your bag. Not only is it your cheapest option on this list, it's most likely that it's also the biggest bag. If you've never seen one of these in person, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!  But just so you know, people tend to use it as a laundry bag. THAT'S HOW BIG IT IS! And especially with the whole Balenciaga thing earlier this year...
  6. Large Linen Tote ($34.99, target.com) Another straw bag, but I promise you this is the last one because honestly, the whole straw thing... nuh-uh. ANYWAY, it's pretty cute with the whole embroidered leaf motif it's got going on. This one measures 15Hx25Wx7D, which is pretty good if you're NOT like those of us who need to pack everything. Just like the other straw bag, it holds the basics which is all some people need. Not this person, though. *points at self *
  7. Netted Sheer Tote ($22.90, Forever21.com) You know what's the best thing about netted tote bags and the beach? You don't have to worry about cleaning out the sand! It just sifts right through, which is these kinds of bags are awesome! What I don't like about netted bags is that sometimes I change clothes at the beach which means my chonies are in plain sight. Win some. Lose some. Eh. 
  8. Women's Woven Tote ($14.97, walmart.com) This bag comes in a bunch of different colors but I like the pink one the best. A couple of pompoms, a few tassels, and let's call it a day, shall we? 
  9. Love Runs Deep Ombre Tote  ($24, nastygal.com) If ombre is still your thing, there's this bag. It also comes in blue. Can we all say 'gender stereotype' in unison? No? Okay. Anyway, Nasty Gal is having a 50%-off-on-everything sale so snag this as soon as you can if you want it. 
  10. Shania Glitter Tote ($29, UrbanOutfitters.com) This Glitter-laden, gorgeous tote is made from PVC which means it's super easy to clean. So aside from everyone seeing your goods, it's probably one of my favorites from this list. I'm sorry, I just can't say 'no' to glitter, jeez! 

Are there any bags on this list that you're thinking about getting, now? Let me know which one. Personally, I'm  eyeing that dry pak! 

Amanda ❤